Warm Peachy De-lite

Yummy sweet goodness of peaches with sweet and cinnamon flavor! What an amazing way to enjoy peaches for a delicious snack!

This is a sweet treat that is a perfect dessert when you want to make something fast but incredibly delicious!

Sweet delicacy with cinnamon flavor! Great for the whole family! I love making this when peaches are in season and plentiful! I hope you enjoy these as much as i did! Enjoy!

Warm Peachy De-liteĀ 


* 3 large fresh peaches cut in half
* 3 tsp butter
* 6 tsp brown sugar divided
* 1 tsp almond slivers optional
* 1 sprinkling ground cinnamon to taste
* 6 Tbsp Cool Whip lite or Whip Cream

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