Root Beer Float Pudding Cookies

When I contemplated what cookie I wanted to create for you, of course I resorted to my favorite type of cookies… I am sure you all can guess it… Pudding Cookies!

A few of you have nick-named me “The Pudding Cookie Queen” and I humbly accept the title 😉 Pudding cookies are my favorite because they truly are the softest, chewiest and down-right BEST cookies you will ever make! The secret ingredient… Instant Pudding Mix.  Something about that ingredient makes pudding cookies the perfect cookies that they are.

I have a variety of Pudding Cookies on my blog, but I wanted one that was sure to stand out. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the ONLY things I craved was Root Beer. I had 1-2 of them daily. Oddly enough, after I was done being pregnant… I still loved root beer.  Some women can never look at the foods they craved in pregnancy for years after the baby is born… I on the other hand still live for a tall glass of bubbly, delicious root beer.

That is why these cookies are so good. With the white chocolate chips and root beer flavoring, it tastes like a root beer float, but in cookie form! You need to give these a try!

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