Old-Fashioned Banana Nut Bread

Mom’s old-fashioned breads are truly one of a kind, but my favorite has to be her banana nut bread. Childhood often reminds us of the good things, doesn’t it? It was the time when all we ever needed to worry about was what to dress our doll with for the day or what type of game we should play with our siblings, cousins, or friends.

Childhood was the time when innocence overrules everything and our lives, despite the fights with other children our age sometimes, are pretty much simple to say the least. We didn’t even have to worry about food because mother and father were always there to make sure we would eat something. They wouldn’t let us starve.

I remember watching Mom cook. It’s probably one of the best things in life. Most especially when she would give me an advanced taste of the dessert or bread she was preparing. I love it when she made cookies because I got to taste the batter. I also love it when she made breads because I was the first one who got to taste the creation.

Mom’s banana nut bread used to drive me crazy. I remember her laughing because I tend to be more active after having a slice of her scrumptious bread. Mothers truly are the best. I have adopted her recipe and my family is in love with it too, most especially my sons. If you are a fan of banana nut bread, don’t hesitate to click on the next page where you can find a recipe for it!

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