Man tries to kidnap 10-year-old girl in broad daylight, has no idea her dog is watching her back

A 10-year-old girl was physically assaulted by an unknown man as she walked her dog through her neighborhood around 3:45pm.

Dogs are often referred to as a man’s best friend.

It’s a small wonder why, really, when all is said and done. They’re attentive, caring, protective and, most importantly, loyal to the very last.

That can certainly be said for one dog from Woodbridge, Virginia, who recently saved a 10-year-old girl from being abducted in broad daylight …

It’s the nightmare scenario for any parent; their child goes for a walk and is almost snatched off the street by a stranger. To protect her privacy, details of her, the dog and her family weren’t released by the authorities, but it makes for an alarming read all the same.The 10-year-old had taken her dog for a walk in a block off of Heather Glen Court, Woodbridge, Virginia, just a few minutes before 4pm on a Friday afternoon.

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As one might expect, the neighborhood was busy with the various comings and goings usually associated with that time. People were returning from work, children were heading home after school … frankly, it makes the attempted kidnap that bit scarier.

As per the police report, the suspect followed the girl for a while. She soon picked up her pace when she noticed he was gaining on her, though he finally made his intentions clear by sprinting after her and grabbing a hold of her wrist.

The man was attempting to take her by force. Fortunately, her dog had other ideas.

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The 10-year-old’s protector responded ferociously. It bit the criminal on the hand, forcing him to release his grip.

Reportedly, the assailant was so shocked/ hurt that he fled the scene immediately, giving the girl time to get home.

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