Lemon Crumb Squares

Are you a lemon lover? Whether you are or aren’t, I bet you will love these Creamy Lemon Crumb Bars! They’re not as tart tasting as regular lemon bars–just perfectly sweet and creamy and the crumb topping is the deal maker!

I love Meyer lemons and I can’t get enough of my regular lemon bars. Lately, I have been having cravings for normal old lemons. That super charged lemon flavor just sings out summer to me. I originally found this recipe over the winter (March is winter in Fairbanks) and I thought I would make them with Meyer Lemons. I kept putting it off as a cold lemon bar just doesn’t sound as good in the winter month. Then the temperatures climbed up early this spring and I started looking for something cool to bring to a potluck. I have to say that I am not sure these are the best thing for a standing around kind of treat. They are cool and refreshing with a nice lemon zing. They are also super crumbly, I recommend eating them on a plate with a fork unless you have a cute pup to clean up your mess.

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