A Lemon Cake To Die For

I love using lemon in desserts and cakes. It’s has a unique flavor. This lemon cake is amazing! Check out how it’s made.

Mom’s classic lemon cake recipe is undeniably the best lemon cake recipe I have ever tasted! Okay, so I am probably a bit biased (aren’t we all when it comes to our mom’s cooking?), but really. Ask my husband and he will tell you that indeed, Mom makes the best lemon cake. He will probably tell you Mom cooks the best food ever because he is such a fan! I think that’s the reason why he easily won her over before because he was so vocal when it came to her cooking. He’s so genuine too. You could see it in his expression that he really thought Mom’s cooking was the best. Yes! Even when compared to his own mother. But don’t tell my mother-in-law I told you that.

I often request my Mom to make us her lemon cake when she comes and visits us. Her lemon cake tastes good with everything. It tastes good with coffee, tea, milk, or even lemonade. My sons love her lemon cake recipe as much as they love her other dessert recipes. I swear it’s off the charts! Even my friends admire her recipes which is why they used to love camping in our house after school when we were still just in high school. I am sure your friends and your family will love this classic lemon recipe. The ingredients and the instructions can be found on the next page. This will definitely be a family winner recipe!

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