From the Bakery Molasses Cookies

I picked up some molasses yesterday and I wanted to make some molasses cookies with it. Something about the combination of molasses, cloves, ginger and dark brown sugar is so delectably delicious! They are rolled in a bit of sugar to give them an authentic bakery look.

Do your kids like those store bought molasses cookies? They are popular with my kids, so I wanted to make some home made ones. They taste much better and you know exactly what’s in them. They’re really yummy with that sweet molasses taste and so nice and chewy on the inside.

Make these for Christmas and they’ll be everybody’s favourite! Make them ahead of time and they last for days! With the rich molasses taste these will be eaten up quickly where ever you take them! They also make a nice gift for teachers, they will be a much appreciate treat!

These are also great for school lunches and they freeze well. I like to be able to freeze these and take them out in the morning for lunches because by the time the kids eat them they’re perfectly thawed.

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