Clear Your Stuffy Nose In Just 2 Minutes With This Brilliant Trick

Nasal polyps usually refer to the growths within the nose or sinuses. They are white in color and hang down the nasal paths. People who are facing with this problem are diagnosed with nasal polyposis or sinusitis.

However, some tend to develop allergic fungal rhinosinusitis. The symptoms are: forming of very thick sections and strong mucus with polypoid mucosal changes. When patients have both the allergic sinusitis and nasal polyposis they are diagnosed with chronic hypertrophic sinusitis.

Thanks to Russian doctors, now you can get rid of a stuffy nose in a minute or two, by practicing the following easy breathing exercise. It works for more than 85% of the people. All you need to do is follow correctly the instructions.

  • Grip your nose tightly between finger and thumb. Start walking fast without unblocking your nose and with your mouth closed. You will probably make no more than 30 steps.
  • Hold your breath all the time until you feel very strong urge to breathe. After your nose is released, keep your mouth closed and continue breathing normally without taking deep breaths. Then focus on your breathing while you sit with your spine perfectly straight.
  • Thus, do not take a big inhalation, take a small inhalation instead and then exhale while at the same time you relax all the muscles, especially the respiratory and the upper chest muscles.
  • Again, take a small breath and then relax. Remain relaxed and practice this reduced breathing with each inhalation.
  • The purpose of this exercise is to maintain air hunger for a few minutes while the body and muscles are totally relaxed. Don’t worry; this shallow breathing won’t do any harm to you because it lasts relatively shortly.


Maybe it looks like too simple and easy way of getting rid of a stuffy nose but it actually works. The most important thing about doing this exercise is to inhale only through your nose with your mouth closed.