Chewy Coconut Cookies

When my daughter first signed up for volleyball, I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Sure there were practices and games, but there were all day tournaments, fundraisers, dinners, and so much more that went a long with being a part of the team. She wanted to really make a good impression on her new teammates and her coaches, so when they did a bake sale to raise money for new uniforms, she asked me to do something that would stand out.

Well, there goes my traditional chocolate chip cookies that I always make. Thankfully, I had recently seen a recipe for these non-traditional cookies on Spend with Pennies that looked pretty darn special.

When I told my daughter she said, “Oh yes Mom, please!” Being the good mom I am, I made them for her fundraiser.

She said that most of them were gone before the sale even opened. All the players and coaches tried them and bought them out. I guess she got what she was hoping for!

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