The Best Strawberry Cake Ever

The Best Strawberry Cake Ever – There’s Nothing Sweeter Than This Strawberry Cake!

Dreaming about food makes me happy. It usually sets me in a good mood the next day. My husband finds it amusing how food affects my morning, but he easily accepts it because a wife with a good dream means a husband with good food. 

Not that I don’t try my best to make them good food all the time.

A few nights ago, I dreamed about sliding down along a mountain of strawberry ice cream. It was a bit of a weird dream because it started out with me skydiving over green mountains. It’s probably due to my subconscious thoughts.

I have been thinking about strawberries in the past few days. Since it was a weekend that day, I decided to go to the supermarket to search for any strawberries I could get my hands into. I came home with both fresh and sweetened strawberries.

I was searching for recipes online when I found this cake recipe over at Bake At 350. I was only supposed to make a simple icebox strawberry cake, but this caught my attention.

It was a pretty simple strawberry cake recipe and I couldn’t help but try it. So that weekend, my family enjoyed strawberry cake. There’s amaretto in this recipe, but it wasn’t as overwhelming so I allowed my sons a small slice each. They loved it too as much as my husband did!

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