5 Tips to Get Rid of a Beer Belly


No one is born with a belly, but after years of weekly beer pong games, late nights at your crew’s favorite dive bar, and endless tailgating parties, your flat stomach may have been replaced with the dreaded beer belly. Each beer you drink is about 150 calories, which adds up quickly after several hours of dedicated drinking. When you drink alcohol your liver prioritizes the burning of alcohol instead of fat, leaving you with some excess pudge around the waistline. Men in particular tend to store excess fat and calories on their belly.

Before you say goodbye to beer (and your social life) give these exercise and eating habits a try. You can regain a lean midsection and still enjoy a cold one by following these tips to blast your built-up belly fat.

Lift weights

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If you have a beer gut it means you are consuming more calories (from beer or food) than you burn. Beat the cycle by hitting the gym. Lifting weights strengthens your muscles and boosts your metabolism. Not only will you look more toned, but with a higher metabolic rate you will actually burn more calories all day long. Active recommends focusing on your legs and lower body, which represents 60% of your total muscle mass.

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